100 Benefits of Journaling

Stress reduction:
  • Reduces the scatter in your life
  • Increases focus
  • Brings stability
  • Offers a deeper level of learning, order, action and release
  • Holds thoughts still so they can be changed and integrated
  • Processes your stuff in a natural and appropriate way
  • Releases pent-up thoughts and emotions
  • Empowers
  • Disentangles thoughts and ideas
  • Bridges inner thinking with outer events
  • Detaches and lets go of the past
  • Allows you to re-experience the past with today's adult mind


  • Heals relationships
  • Heals the past
  • Dignifies all events
  • Is honest, trusting, non-judgmental
  • Strengthens your sense of yourself
  • Balances and harmonizes
  • Recalls and reconstructs past events
  • Acts as your own counselor
  • Integrates peaks and valleys in life
  • Soothes troubled memories
  • Sees yourself as a larger, important, whole and connected being
  • Leverages therapy sessions for better and faster results
  • Reveals and tracks patterns and cycles

Know yourself and
your truth better:

  • Builds self confidence and self knowledge
  • Records the past
  • Brings out natural beauty and wisdom
  • Helps you feel better about yourself
  • Helps you identify your values
  • Reads your own mind
  • Aids in connecting causes to effects
  • Reveals the depths of who you are
  • Reveals outward expression of yet unformed inner impulses
  • Creates mystery
  • Clarifies thoughts, feelings and behavior
  • Reveals your greater potential
  • Shifts you to the observer, recorder, counselor level
  • Reveals your processes - how you think, learn, create and use intuition
  • Creates awareness of beliefs and options so you can change them
  • Self-discovery
  • Reveals different aspects of self
  • Helps you see yourself as an individual
  • Connects you to the bigger picture
  • Is a close, intimate, accepting, trusting, caring, honest, non-judgmental, perfect friend
  • Accesses the unconscious, subconscious and super consciousness
  • Finds the missing pieces and the unsaid
  • Helps rid you of the masks you wear
  • Helps solve the mysteries of life
  • Finds more meaning in life


Personal growth:
  • Enables you to live life to the fullest
  • Is fun, playful and sometimes humorous
  • Expresses and creates
  • Plants seeds
  • Starts the sorting and grouping process
  • Integrates life experiences and learnings
  • Moves you towards wholeness and growth, to who you really are
  • Creates more results in life
  • Explores your spirituality
  • Focuses and clarifies your desires and needs
  • Enhances self expression
  • Enhances career and community
  • Allows freedom of expression
  • Offers progressive inner momentum to static unrelated events
  • Exercises your mental muscles
  • Improves congruency and integrity
  • Enhances breakthroughs
  • Unfolds the writer in you
  • Maximizes time and business efficiency
  • Explores night dreams, day dreams and fantasies
  • Measures and tracks what is important

Easier problem solving:

  • Eases decision making
  • Offers new perspectives
  • Brings things together
  • Shows relationships and wholeness instead of separation

It’s flexible and easy:

  • Can be applied to clarify any issue in your life
  • Takes so little time to stop, pay attention and listen to yourself
  • Meets your needs, style, processing methods
  • Caters to left and right brained people
  • Has no rules - messiness, typos, poor writing are all OK
  • Is often self-starting and motivating and supplies its own energy

Enhances intuition and

  • Improves self trust
  • Awakens the inner voice
  • Directs intention and discernment
  • Provides insights
  • Improves sensitivity
  • Interprets your symbols and dreams
  • Increases memory of events

Captures your life story:

  • Teaches you how to write stories
  • Soothes troubled memories
  • Captures family and personal story
  • Stimulates personal growth
  • Improves family unity

Written by: John Robson and Patrice Steen
used with author's permission
Copyright 1998, 1999 Inspiration Information
Higher Awareness

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