10 Traits of Successful Leaders

Dr. Whitt N. Schultz



There are 10 traits exhibited by successful leaders in almost every field. They are…

  1. They observe with application. They observe and absorb. They look at everything as if it were the first and last time they would ever see it.
  2. They know how to listen – really listen! Listening is wanting to hear.
  3. They take copious notes. They capture ideas as their senses respond to them.
  4. They welcome ideas, urging others to bring their best thinking on a subject. They're open, responsive, sensitive, aware and encouraging.
  5. They value time highly. They use it skillfully.
  6. They set regular goals, and expend their energies toward devising ways to reach those goals.
  7. They try to understand first. Then, and only then, do they judge.
  8. They always anticipate achievement, and they build on their strengths.
  9. They know how to ask clear, courteous and incisive questions. Questions are the creative acts of intelligence.
  10. They know how to organize their approach to challenges, and how to focus their total mind power on the relevant.

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