12 Ways to Strengthen Your Family

Insight, # 76
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  1. Spend time with each other, do things together as a family.
  2. Plan ahead with your family so things will happen and not just happen.
  3. Establish a reasonable balance between outside activities, work schedules, and your family.
  4. Talk with each other and listen carefully to understand the other's viewpoint.
  5. Show each family member consideration and appreciation, especially in everyday ways.
  6. Respect each other his or her ideas, thoughts and feelings.
  7. Develop pride in your family.
  8. Resolve problems and conflicts in a constructive way.
  9. Help each other and be willing to let others help you.
  10. Contact and build ties with other families.
  11. Take part in community affairs and use community services.
  12. Develop a spiritual focus within your family.