Steven West
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Tabular Rasa…literally means a ‘clean slate.’…We all need to be a clean slate – we need to leave our presumptions, assumptions and preconceptions at home.

…It is your tabular rasa, your completely unblemished mental slate, that allows you to do what ‘couldn’t be done.’

…People often succeed not because of any special talent or gift, but because they are open. They have a tabular rasa that says, ‘Show me the need and I will find a way.’

Unfortunately, people who’ve spent a few or a few score years in a profession often begin to lose this freshness. They think they know all the answers – or most of the answers – and get a bit cocky. Don’t let this happen to you.

Become a clean slate, and have the wide-eyed enthusiasm of experience and youth. Approach each situation as if it were new and refreshing – not just another humdrum day at work.

You can go back to a tabular rasa anytime you choose. Get out your mental eraser today!"