An Athlete's Prayer

Thomas Wurtz
Compete Inside:
100 Reflections to Help You Become the Complete Athlete,
p. xi
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Heavenly Father,
As I compete, help me to seek your glory,
with a brotherly affection
towards my opponent,
always striving to see you in them.

As I sweat and fight through pain,
help me to unite my struggle
to the suffering of your son on the cross.

If I win, allow it to be for your honor,
in your name with a humble heart.
If I fail, let it be with dignity
and a courageous spirit,
always willing to stand strong
and compete again.

Make my desire for greatness firm,
yet with peace of mind
know that my worth
is always found in you,
in victory or defeat.

I ask this through
Jesus Christ our Lord.


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