Clarity is a Virtue

Joe Ehrmann

InSideOut Coaching:
How Sports Can Transform Lives
, p. 186, 190


Recently I read Chapter 8 on "Clarity" from Joe Ehrmann’s book InSideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives and understand better why there are often frustrations among coaches, athletes, administration, and others – lack of clarity!

"Clarity is an art form.…clarity has more to do with authenticity in communication. Clarity is precision – using words and inflections in as precise a fashion as possible. But clarity is more than that. Clarity in coaching revolves around the communication of mutual expectations, desires, and needs. Clarity is a by-product of purpose-driven coaching, of knowing where you and the team are going…"

"Clear communication requires explicit expectations for how we will treat each other, stand by each other, and care for each other.…Clarity defines a program so that we all know where we stand, what our roles are, and how we are going to act and care for one another.…"

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