Joe Ehrmann

InSideOut Coaching:
How Sports Can Transform Lives
, p. 213
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The root word of "competition" is the Latin word "petere" meaning to search or strive for. Most often it is used in the context of striving or searching for something of value or excellence. The preposition "com" means together. So, literally, competition can be defined as a "mutual quest or striving for excellence." It is more process oriented than outcome oriented, whereby competitors strive together or with each other to bring out the best by presenting a worthy challenge.

Competition, therefore, is not defined by winning or losing, but by the degree to which all competitors realize their fullest potential. Since true competition is a "mutual quest for excellence," there are no winners and losers; everyone who competes wins. This cooperative sense of competition is a value-driven process that leads to respect for others, personal and team integrity, and justice and fairness.