Your Dead-Level Best

Dr. Bill Denton © 2003
ULPIT HELPS, Vol. 29, # 3


Remember that "average" is simply the best of the worst and the worst of best.

The Army recruits soldiers with the challenge, "Be the best you can be." Corporations scour through applications…to find the brightest and most talented for their new-hire lists. Both college and professional sports teams have rigorous tryouts to identify the athletes with the greatest physical skills, mental sharpness, and athletic talent to fill their team rosters.…

The whole idea behind terms like "expert," "champion," and "success,’" was that the people identified by those terms are not common or ordinary, but they are uncommon, extraordinary, and competent people. Business, academia, sports, and the military all seek to utilize those people who are the best at whatever they do.

It’s disappointing how many people settle for "average"…The truth is that most of us operate on a level well below our ability.…

The honest truth is that the Lord expects and desires better from us. We are the ones who ought to lead exemplary lives, reach our greatest potential, serve with dedication and energy, sacrifice for higher things, and show the world what God can do with human lives.

What are you doing, and how are you doing it? Are you the best you can be? Why not?

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