Discipline & Knowledge

Proverbs 23:12

Roger Lipes
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What are the keys to success as an athlete? What brings about the best life for us as Christians? It seems that these ideas overlap a great deal.

In Proverbs chapter 23 and at verse 12 it says, "Apply your heart to discipline and your ears to words of knowledge." As you press through your season of competition it is imperative that you apply your heart to discipline.

The first part means you must involve your mind, your will, even your emotions in a life of disciple or self-control. It's easy to let your imagination or your emotions get out of control and to thus see your hard work go to waste.

It says to apply our ears to words of knowledge. That's what the coaching staff is for. Apply your ears to those who have invested years in learning their craft. Listen to the words of wisdom that come from your coaches, teachers, parents, ministers, teammates and others.

Lives lived with discipline and knowledge are of great worth and lead to profound success. In today's competition, apply your heart to the discipline of your game with all your heart, soul and mind. Pursue the goals you have set as an individual and as a team. Apply your ears to working out the wise game plan as outlined by your coaches.