For a Time

Others are brought into our lives,
For A Time,

Some, for many years, others,
for moments sublime.

From each, there are lessons to be learned,
and to be shared,

For A Time, with them, God,
lovingly arranged, we be paired.

We need remember, this lifetime,
is temporary and fleeting,

Others leave and enter our lives,
with a good bye and a meeting.

Pathways converging and crossing,
provide life’s valued amounts,

Destinations are uncertain,
so it’s, indeed, the journey that counts.

We are blessed so by others,
gratefully brought to us,
For A Time,

As we have been brought to them,
to make their lives better,
…if but only, For A Time…


Dedicated to Mark R. Zimicki, (08/11/03)
Mark loved and was loved by Karen, Jake and Simone
by Richard G. Shuster