Golf Tournament Prayer

Complete Speaker's
and Toastmaster's Library
, # 317


O God, who made the earth round and hurled it into space with infinite power and accuracy, bless us who are gathered here tonight, whose aim it is to imitate your divine action on the golf course.

Grant us a portion of your power, smoothness and accuracy. Give us poise, perseverance and patience in our golfing efforts. Implant in our hearts a love for this great game but a greater love for our fellowman on and off the golf course. May brotherly love reign supreme in all our golfing and kindred activities.

Bless our staff, our officers, our champions, our duffers. Increase their proficiency and decrease their scores. Lengthen their woods and straighten their irons. Control their approaches and guide their putts. But above all, O Lord, bestow on them a saving sense of humor and balance so that they may always golf in the spirit of charity, humility and reverence for your name.

Finally, O Lord, bless this spirited social gathering, and this food that we are about to take in realization that all good things even a good score come from you.


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