Journey Home

Joy Conner

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My journey starts with a soft voice calling me into the night.
I am lifted up and drawn toward a beautiful light.
I am leaving my family, friends and all other earthly things.
I am like a bird going toward the heavens,
     trying out my new wings.
But as I soar upward everything becomes so clear.
Special arms are wrapped around me, removing all my fears.

I am an eagle, climbing high over the pine trees,
the lakes and the land.
A special love is gently leading me,
taking me by the hand.
I have wings, I go higher into the deep blue of the sky.
But I am leaving you and I wonder why me,
Oh God, why?

I fly like an eagle but am more like a dove.
For I am leaving you all with a heart full of love.
My journey is taking me to a home far away.
That same voice promising I'll see you some day.
I leave you with so very much regret.
But please do not grieve for me yet,
for my soul and spirit are finally free.
I go at peace into eternity.


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