A Leadership Model Relevant to the Real Life Most of Us Live

Chris Lowney,
Heroic Leadership, p. 92
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  • Most people never face the challenge of motivating armies of subordinates; we face…more prosaic day-by-day challenges to motivate ourselves through long and sometimes unpromising journeys.
  • Rarely does life unfold with the predictability of the carefully scripted strategic plan; far more leadership is improvised.…most life challenges emerge at unexpected times in unanticipated ways. Such circumstances don't come with a leadership handbook and don't fit the well-planned life strategy; instead, we rely on our wits and accumulated wisdom.
  • Unlike the general heading into battle or the coach heading into game seven, few of us experience dramatic defining moments. Rather, our defining "moment" is a pattern slowly etched through a lifetime studded with ordinary opportunities to make subtle differences.…
  • And…few of us can discern our leadership impact in the world with the same clarity and certainty of one billiard ball sharply cracking another. Most of us derive satisfaction not from manifest results but from the mere personal conviction that our actions, decisions, and choices have value.