Love the Game

Author Unknown
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Love the game for the pure joy of accomplishment.

Love the game for everything
it can teach you about yourself.

Love the game for the feeling of belonging to a group
endeavoring to do its best.

Love the game for being involved in a team
whose members can't wait to see you do your best.

Love the game for the challenge of working harder
than you ever have at something and then harder than that.

Love the game because it takes all team members
to give it life.

Love the game because at its best, the game tradition
will include your contributions.

Love the game because you belong to a long line
of fine athletes who have loved it. It is now your legacy.

Love the game so much that you will pass on
your love of the game to another athlete
who has seen your dedication,
your work, your challenges, your triumphs…
and then that athlete will, because of you,

Love the Game.