What To Do after I Do

"What Marriage Means. Why Marriage Matters"
Christopher News Notes, " 477
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Married couples need to understand what it takes to make a marriage last.

Communicate: Tell each other how you feel—honestly. Never presume the other understands what has been stated.

Get away from ‘you' and ‘me': Work on making ‘us.' This requires balancing one's own needs and desires with those of the other person.

Say sorry: Deal with conflict, avoiding the things that are deadly to a marriage: criticism, contempt expressed in sarcasm and cynicism, defensiveness reflected in blaming the other person and stonewalling with the silent treatment.

Take a team approach: Seek support from each other and form a community of couples.

Pay attention to issues of sexuality: Intimacy is important to a marriage—critical, in fact. Do kind things that show you cherish your spouse.

Don't forget the ‘Third Party': Recognize God's great love for you—no matter what—and mirror that concept in your marriage. Respect each other. Pray together.