Olympic Dream

Kellie Rankin
2012 (used with permission)


I see a time of unity,
When everyone tries their best;
I see a time of challenges,
When mind and body is put to the test.

No one promised easy,
But at impossible we draw the line.
The world is within our reach;
It's only a matter of time.

Higher we can fly,
Faster we can soar,
Stronger we can dream,
Achieving more than before.

All the hard work,
All of the tears,
Come down to a single moment
And the conquering of fears.

And in the finale of the games,
When all is said and done;
In a celebration of cultures and voices
The world will join as one.

Even after these spotlights are off,
The flame still remains a glowing beam
Within the hearts of millions of children,
Igniting the Olympic dream.

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