Self-Talk of Persistence & Perseverance

Rabbi Zelig Pliskin
Daily Lift #1144
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Being persistent is the number one pattern that will enable you to create success in your life. When you persist and persevere until you reach your goal, you can accomplish so much more than if you give up when you are bored or when challenges arise.

One thing is true of everyone who has reached large goals. They all persisted until they succeeded. Many people start worthy projects, but they give up before they reach the goal that they set for themselves.

Self-talk is the source of someone's ability or failure to persist and persevere. What is the self-talk of persistence?

"I'll keep on going as long as it takes. What I'm working on is worth the investment of time and energy."

"As I build up the habit of persisting, I can accomplish many more things in my life. So it's not only the present project that I will be completing. Finishing this project will help me achieve in more and more ways."

"I feel great about being persistent. I am building my entire character in the process."

"I see the goal that I am striving for. I am enjoying every step along the way."

Always learn from your past successes. Think of instances when you persisted and were later glad that you did. What did you tell yourself to enable yourself to persist? Tell yourself similar things when you want to persist in the future.

Conversations With Yourself, pp.166-8