Prayer for Computer Users

Most Reverend Richard J. Sklba
Bishop Emeritus of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee
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Bless again this day the mysterious computer
     which awaits your power and my human effort.

Grant wisdom, knowledge and a clear memory to my mind
     as I sit before this new creature of your infinite power.
Bless my heart with endless patience whenever needed.

Guide my hands that I may be your faithful servant
     in every key I press.
Enable my limited efforts to bring glory to your Name
     and blessings to your people everywhere.

Delete me not from your Kingdom and save me
     from all fear and from all error of sin and ignorance.

I whisper this prayer, mindful of the needs of all
     with whom and for whom I work,
     through the power of your Word
     and the life-giving energy of your Spirit.