The Will to Prepare to Win

Source Unknown


The great desire among athletes to be successful should be a focal point for them to work. Everyone has heard the adage, "The Will to Win." How strong is the will to win? Is it strong enough for you to test yourself?

Great athletes, great people, have something more than the will to win. They possess a tremendous will to prepare to win. Prepare is the key word, for even if a desire to be successful is present at the moment of competition, those who are unprepared to meet the challenge have little chance of winning.

Preparing to win is really a contest you have against your inner self. You are measured against your inner self. You are measured against your best. How good can you be and how hard are you striving to reach your best? Prepare to win by doing your best at all times. Concentrate all your efforts on each part of training. Make it your habit. Get yourself mentally into your preparation.

Practice each day at your peak performance, and each day you will improve. Itís a challenge to your self-determination to prepare through disciplined hard work for the competition. That kind of commitment to work allows you the chance to win; to win at the moment of your greatest challenge. Take advantage of the time you have to prepare. The greater the challenge ahead, the greater the need for the will to prepare to win!

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