Proverbs 13:4 - Lazy of Diligent?

Roger Lipe
Sports Chaplain Mentor
used with permission

Would you characterize yourself as a diligent, hard worker in practice or do you lean toward doing just enough to get by? What might be the eventual outcomes of each of those attitudes toward training?

In Proverbs chapter 13, verse 4 it states: "The soul of the lazy craves, but there is nothing, but the person of diligence is richly supplied" (LEB). It is true in all of life that some people will be lazy and will find their needs going unmet, while others who are consistently working hard will be rewarded with success.

This seems to be true of more spiritual matters as well as it says the soul of these people is the subject. If we will be faithful in prayer, consistent in Bible reading, committed to our friends and teammates, we’ll find that the real stuff of life is supplied in great abundance. Our souls will prosper and be in good health as we diligently do the things that please God.

As you pray and prepare for competition, ask the Lord for diligence in all the affairs of your life. To be diligent in the classroom, in practice, in the weight room, in your relationships, with your teammates and certainly in relation to spiritual disciplines, will result in a fully satisfied soul. You’ll find real happiness and great success.

Compete today with the focus and intensity befitting your abilities and your satisfied soul.

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Excerpt from "Heart of a Champion – a Year-long Devotional for the People of Sport."