Resolve Most Disputes

Bits & Pieces, May 1984
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You can resolve most disputes by exercising patience, using a good dose of common sense and by remembering a few important don'ts.

  • Don't let disputes get away from you. When one flares up, give it your full attention immediately.
  • Don't jump in and threaten people. Every dispute has a reason try to find and correct it so there won't be a recurrence.
  • Don't become emotionally involved. Keep a cool head, calm down over-excited individuals, and patiently hear out both sides.
  • Don't take sides. Put aside your own feelings about the persons involved and judge each situation on its own merits.
  • Don't trample on anyone's ego. If you must take someone down a peg, do it privately. If you have to take away part of one's responsibility, give something else to takes its place.