Springtimes of Life

Jim Rohn

The Seasons of Life, 1981, p. 71
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Become wise enough to recognize the faint glimmerings of the springtimes of life which manifest themselves each day:

  • The opportunity to listen to the words of those wiser than ourselves;

  • The opportunity to lift a child upon your knee;

  • The opportunity to walk a beach with someone you love;

  • The opportunity to absorb the value of a good book;

  • The opportunity to speak good things of someone when the habit prompts you to find fault;

  • The opportunity to watch the hummingbirds, or the flowers, or a butterfly…

Seize the infrequent opportunity to do nothing for a change, or something for a change; force yourself to turn off the television, and embrace the opportunity for having family conversation—or even silence. Opportunity surrounds us all, appearing and disappearing just as fast, leaving behind fond memories to those who responded to its disappearance, or regret to those who were then too busy to bother.