James Allen,

Poems of Peace
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Great glory crowns the heights of hope
      by arduous struggle won;
Bright honor rounds the hoary head
      that mighty works hath done;

Fair riches come to him who strives
      in ways of golden gain,

And fame enshrines his name who works
      with genius-glowing brain:

But greater glory waits for him who,
      in the bloodless strife

‘Gainst self and wrong, adopts, in love,
      the sacrificial life;

And brighter honor rounds the brow of him
      who, ‘mid the scorns

Of blind idolaters of self, accepts
      the crown of thorns;

And fairer, purer riches come to him
      greatly strives

To walk in ways of love and truth to sweeten
      human lives;

And he who serveth well mankind exchanges
      fleeting fame

For Light eternal, Joy and Peace,
      and robes of heavenly flame.