The Tear of a Mother



The first Christmas Day, we’ve always been told,
of Mary, Joseph and Jesus—the story of old.
We hear about Wisemen, angels, oxen and steer,
but never is it mentioned of a Mother’s solemn tear.

Mary cradled Jesus, her blessed newborn Son,
She knew this was the Christ Child, the chosen one.
She bowed her head and began to pray.
The tear of a Mother fell that first Christmas Day.

What was the meaning of this Mother’s tear?
Was it the joy of His birth in a stable austere?
Perhaps it was pride for her baby boy King,
for whom the world rejoiced and angels did sing.

Did Mary know then she would witness her Son suffer so?
Oh, what was she thinking that holy night long ago?
The tears of a Mother are hard to explain.
They express every emotion from happiness to pain.

May God bless the Mother, this holiday season,
who will be apart from her child for whatever reason.
My friend, hold your family and take a moment to pray,
as the tear of a Mother will fall Christmas Day.


Judy R. Smith
© December 2007

used with author's permission