A Thinking Person


A thinking person is guided by the facts,
no matter how unpalatable they may be.
One who is ruled by emotions often stumbles
before reaching the goal.

A thinking person realizes that the right way
and the expedient way are not always the same.
One who seeks short cuts does so at the expense of time,
trouble and conscience.

A thinking person learns from the mistakes of others,
without rejoicing in their failures.
One who finds fault but does not learn is likely
to repeat others' errors.

A thinking person considers the personalities
and feelings of others in searching for solutions.
One who is insensitive can be correct in theory
but inept in practice.

A thinking person knows when to speak
and when to keep silent;
when to act and when to wait.
One who is rash or impetuous plunges ahead
without any sense of timing.

A thinking person is humble enough
to acknowledge wisdom in others.
One who is merely clever feels he has nothing to learn
from others.

A thinking person is careful in the use of words.
One who is careless relies on slogans, labels
or half-formed opinions.

A thinking person admits that reality is greater
than the sum total of his own experiences.
The unthinking makes "self"
the measure of the universe.


Source Unknown

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