Value of Discipline

"Naval Orientation"
Chapter 7 - Discipline and the Uniform Code of Military Justice
Naval Educator Development Center, Revised 1977

Discipline is the basis of true democracy, for it means the adherence of the individual to the set of rules which humankind, through the experience of the ages, has found best suited to govern the relations between the individual members of society so as to protect the interests of the whole. Some of these rules are made by duly constituted authority and laid down in writing. These are called laws. Others have their sanction in custom and usage, and are called conventions. Everyone is always subject to some sort of discipline.

Discipline is the training that develops self-control, character, and efficiency, or is the result of such training. Discipline, rightly viewed, is a character builder rather than a destroyer of individuality. Discipline implies adherence to a control exerted for the good of the whole the compliance with rules or policies intended for the orderly coordination of effort.

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