Sport at the Service of Humanity

~ Declaration of Principles ~

"How faith and sport can work together
to promote positive values, inspire youth and better serve humanity."

Sport at the Service of Humanity (Vatican)
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Use the power of sport to help others.
Share the benefits of sport to empower those who are poor and disadvantaged.


Use sport to build trust and understanding.
Respect your opponents. Through sport understand them and their culture more deeply.
Condemn violence in Sport on and off the field of play.


Sport is for all.
Do all you can to help everyone take part in sport.
Do all you can to enable everyone to compete on equal terms.


Sport has the power to transform lives and build character.
Learn graciousness in victory and perspective in defeat.
Apply the values you learn in sport to help you excel in life.


Sport has the power to help us make the most of ourselves.
So play it in the knowledge that it can revitalize you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
At every stage of life, play for fun, for health, for friendship.


Sport, above all, is about enjoyment. So enjoy it!
And remember, there is more to sport than winning, but when you compete, be and do the best you can, always.