Living Life in the present and in the moment!

Dr. Dennis Waitley


"Id laugh at my misfortunes more. Spend more time counting my blessings than my blemishes. Spend more time playing with my children and grandchildren and less time watching performers in the arena.

More time enjoying what I have, less time thinking about the things I dont have. If I could live my life again, Id walk in the rain more without an umbrella and listen less to weather reports. Id spend more time looking at trees and climbing them, less time flipping through magazines made from dead trees. Id spend more time fully involved in the present moment, less time remembering and anticipating. Id smile more, frown less.

And most of all Id be more spontaneous and active, less hesitant and subdued. When some spur of the moment idea came up to go hiking, playing Frisbee, coloring Easter eggs, singing in a chorus, going kayaking, or watching an eclipse, Id be less likely to sit in my chair objecting, "Its not in our plan."

Id be inclined to jump up and run out the door next time and say, "Yes, we can!" Although I cant live my life again, Im still going to live the new way every day anyway. Ill never have all the moments Ive missed, but I do have all the time remaining."

Reproduced with permission from the Denis Waitley Weekly Ezine