What is an Educated Man?

Dr. George A. Coe

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  1. An educated man is one who is trained to use the tools of human communication with readiness, precision and accuracy, especially language and the rudiments of number.
  2. An educated man must be able to study and to think without guidance from others. He must be – to some extent – a thinker, not an imitator.
  3. An educated man must have sufficient knowledge of nature to understand the main process upon which human life and happiness depend.
  4. An educated man knows enough history to enable him to understand the main achievements of man.
  5. An educated man is acquainted with the major resources for intellectual and esthetic enjoyment. He knows nature, literature, music, and the other arts sufficiently to choose superior to inferior enjoyments.
  6. An educated man is marked by his interest as well as by his trained abilities. His attention is habitually attracted by significant rather than trivial thoughts, objects, events, noble pursuits, and worthwhile enjoyments.
  7. An educated man must have not only this general culture, but also training for a specific occupation.
  8. An educated man must have toward his fellows the habitual attitudes that are commonly called ethical – such attitudes as honor and honesty, helpfulness and good-will and cooperation.
  9. An educated man must have loyalties to at least some of the important organizations and institutions of society.
  10.  An educated man must have some apprehension of, and feeling for, the divine; the ideally educated man will reverence God, and know how to worship.