Your Life's Task

Win Your Day!
Steve Gilbert
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"Let us state it in the following way: At your birth a seed is planted. That seed is your uniqueness. It wants to grow, transform itself and flower to its full potential. It has a natural, assertive energy. Your Life's Task is to bring that seed to flower, to express your uniqueness through your work."

Robert Greene

What you have to offer the world and what you bring to your work is unique because your background and your life experiences are different than anyone else. That's one of the many reasons that comparing ourselves to others, or envying what they have, or trying to conform to the way "everybody else does it" limits us.

It's not about embracing your uniqueness in order to stand out, but rather so that you can provide something that no one else can. It's about waking up every day and sharing your gift whatever it may be with the world.

Your life's work then is not to be better than anyone else and your focus is not to compete with everyone else. It is to embrace your unique talents and gifts and to find passion and meaning in working each day to hone them each and every day.