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About Leadership

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

About Leadership:

• Leadership is a "learned art"
• Leadership is relational
• Leadership is a process
• Leadership requires self-understanding
• Leadership is transforming
• Leadership is an expression of courage
• Leadership is intentional
• Leadership affects simultaneously the individual and the group
• Leadership is situational
• Leadership inspires others
• Leadership awakens others
• Leadership is risky
• Leadership includes identifiable and teachable skills

About the Role Leadership Plays in Society:

• Leadership serves the good of humanity
• Leadership is needed for social change
• Leadership is necessary but not sufficient for social change
• Leadership is essential for human progress
• Leadership leads to action and promotes social justice

About Good Leaders:

• Leaders share in the followership process
• Leaders are ethical
• Leaders respect the sacredness of each person
• Leaders are committed to justice
• Leaders are even-handed
• Leaders are inclusive
• Leaders can be inhibiting
• Leaders hand off power
• Leaders have vision and can articulate their vision
• Leaders have diverse styles
• Leaders are action oriented
• Leaders must know the history and rules
• Leaders must be willing to break the rules
• Leaders support leadership development as an end in itself


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