char-ac-ter (kar'ik tuhr) n.,

[1275-1325; ME caractere < MF < L character
< Gk charaktér graving tool, its mark = charak-,
base of charáttein to engrave + -ter agent suffix]


  • The aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of a person or thing;
  • moral or ethical quality;
  • qualities of honesty, fortitude, etc.; integrity;
  • reputation: a stain on one's character;
  • an account of a person's qualities, abilities, etc.; reference.


  • Each individual should be judged by his own character: qualities, traits, attributes, nature, self, being, makeup, individuality, distinctiveness.
  • A person who cheats has little character: integrity, honesty, honor, courage, strength, fortitude, backbone, respectability, rectitude, uprightness, morality, goodness, truthfulness, frankness, sincerity, conscientiousness.


  • dishonor, dishonesty, moral weakness.

Random House College Dictionary and Random House Thesaurus
and Rodale's The Synonym Finder

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