My Children Are Coming Today

By Nellie Renoux


My children are coming today. They mean well. But they worry.

They think I should have a railing in the hall. A telephone in the kitchen, they want someone to come in when I take a bath.

They really donít like my living alone.

Help me to be grateful for their concern. And help them to understand that I have to do what I can as long as I can.

Theyíre right when they say there are risks. I might fall, I might leave the stove on. But there is no challenge, no possibility of triumph, no real aliveness without risk.

When they were young and climbed trees and rode bicycles and went away to camp I was terrified. But I let them go, because to hold them would have hurt them.

Now our roles are reversed, help them see. Keep me from being grim or stubborn about it. But donít let them smother me.


via Pastor Timís Illustrations List