A Fatherís Advice to His Son


     When Eric was getting ready to return to college after a semester break his Dad gave him some sheets of paper containing hand-written words of advice for further reflection. A number of Ericís friends asked if they, too, could read these words of wisdom from a father to his son.

  1. Dwell on the future, not the past. Whatís done is done, the future is the only thing you can have an impact on.

  2. Ask God for forgiveness and move on. God always forgives the faithful.

  3. Donít feel as though you must bare your soul to others. This puts a burden on them. Go on a "need to know" basis.

  4. This too will pass, if you want it to. Mature, healthy relationships combat the desire to falter.

  5. Take solace from your relationship with God and those you love.

  6. Focus on the positive and use it. Reflect on your gains and build on your strengths. Let go of your failures.

  7. Nobody is perfect, not even you (or me). There will always be failings and temptations. That is what the Devil does for a living!

  8. Count your blessings, nurture your faith. Thank God everyday for who you are. Move on through this earthly existence as best you can.

  9. Enjoy life! Leave a legacy for your children to follow. Thatís all we really can do.

  10. I love you.
            (P.S.) Call your mother.


Eric Dumas