Words of Champions


It cannot be bought and it cannot be measured in money. It is a prerequisite in determining the fibre and character of an individual and an organization. Integrity demands that there be no twilight zone something is either right or it is wrong; black or it is white. Principles may be inborn ethics or, sometimes, mandated. But integrity requires scourging moral courage, magnetized by a fervor for an ideal. The complete person is a union of unswerving integrity, pulsating energy, and rugged determination and the greatest of these is integrity. One man with integrity is a majority.

To reflect integrity is to invest trust. To possess integrity is to command respect. Integrity is found in simple issues and those complex. Its presence is critical. It demands total loyalty, a commitment to cause, a dedication to mission, an unflagging determination.

Morals, Ethics, Standards, and Integrity, from these flow a torrent of values. Deeds, not words. It is clear that what you do and what you are speak with deafening impact, not what you say you are. Honesty isn't the best policy. It is the only policy: for an organization, integrity isn't a sometimes thing. It is everything.