Prayer for the Year 2000
and the Year of Great Jubilee

Pope John Paul II

Blessed are you, Father, who, in your infinite love, gave us your only-begotten Son. He became our companion on life’s path and gave new meaning to our history, the journey we make together in toil and suffering, in faithfulness and love.

By your grace, O Father may the Jubilee Year be a time of deep conversion and of joyful return to you. May it be a time of reconciliation between people, and of peace restored among nations, a time when swords are beaten into ploughshares and the clash of arms gives way to songs of peace. Father, grant that we may live this Jubilee Year docile to the voice of your spirit, faithful to the way of Christ.

Father, by the power of the Spirit, strengthen the Church’s commitment to the new evangelization and guide our steps along the pathways of the world.

To you, Almighty Father, be praise and honor and glory now and for ever.