Leisure Time and Reflection

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"What does one do in leisure time? Sounds like an oxymoron, doesnít it? Are we supposed to not do anything during leisure time?

"Well, try it. I find that I cannot refrain from doing for very long. I feel driven to be thinking of getting back to work again. Type-A personalities are born cursed.

"There is a task to be performed, it seems to me. and that is the spiritual task called reflection. We need time to be reflective. We need time to go apart, be quiet, turn and look back on our lives and what we are doing with our lives. Leisure time is time to ponder, to consider, to listen to our inner voice, to get in touch with the person who lives inside our body, and to see what our self is all about. Itís a time to put our self into perspective, to see whatís going on before and what lies ahead, to see what Iíve been, what I am now, and what I yet can be."


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