"Our Own Sense of Moral Integrity"

Human Development,
Vol. 8, # 3, p. 4

"All of us who are concerned about the complete development and well-being of others, and about the future of the society and world in which we live, can do more than just lament the flaws in character formation that we see so commonly manifest these days. We can commit ourselves to seizing every possible opportunity to strengthen, by our deliberate choices, our own sense of moral integrity, and we can influence constructively the growth of others, not only by our example but by encouraging, challenging, praising, and rewarding them, until the habits or virtues associated with moral maturity are firmly rooted in the depths of their being.

"The current, all-too-apparent shortage of integrity gives us a chance to do something priceless for those in our care and for the nation and the world we love. If we donít act to improve the situation, who will? Itís a developmental endeavor that God is hardly going to refrain from supporting with the kind of needed assistance that only God can give."


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