Assorted Prayers for Nurses

This page is dedicated in honor of
National Nurses' Week
May 2—8, 1999

Lord, Help Me

Lord, please help me bring . . .
Comfort where there is pain,
Courage where there is fear,
Hope where there is despair,
Acceptance when the End is near, and
A touch that is
gentle with tenderness, patience
And love.


Being A Nurse

by Melodie Chenevert

Being a nurse means. . .
You will never be bored.
You will always be frustrated.
You will be surrounded by challenges.
So much to do and so little time.
You will carry immense responsibility
and very little authority.
You will step into people's lives
and you will make a difference.
Some will bless you.
Some will curse you.
You will see people at their worst--
and at their best.
You will never cease to be amazed at people's capacity
for love, courage, and endurance.
You will experience resounding triumphs
and devastating failures.
You will cry a lot.
You will laugh a lot.
You will know what it is to be human
and to be humane.

A Nurse's Prayer

by Teri Lynn Thompson

Let me dedicate my life today
To care of those who come my way.
Let me touch each one with healing hands
And the gentle art for which I stand.
And then tonight when the day is done,
Let me rest in peace if I've helped just one.

Nurse's Prayer

As I care for my patients today
Be there with me, Oh Lord, I pray.
Make my words kind—it means so much.
And in my hands place Your healing touch.
Let Your love shine through all that I do.
So those in need may hear and feel You.



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