Psalm for Students

Steven M. Zeimis

Angel Praying

The Lord is my teacher; I shall not sleep.
He makes me stay awake in my studies all night;
He leads me from page to page.
He restores my sanity;
He guides me in the path of consciousness,
For my grades sake.
Even though I grow weary in the shadow of books,
I fear no test, for Thou art with me.
Thy rod and Thy staff, they keep jabbing me.
Thou wilt prepare a test for me
In the presence of my classmates.
Thou hast crammed my mind
with so much knowledge; my eyelids droop.
Surely a good grade and a kind teacher
Will follow me after the test,
Or I will dwell in this class forever.


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Graphic is used with permission from ChurchArt Online.