"Bring Talent to the Team" by Price Pritchett

  Price Pritchett

The Team Member Handbook

One of the most basic elements of teamwork is this: Be good at what you do.

Teams need talent. The more of it you bring to the group, the more you can contribute. Build your skills, and, in a very real sense, you are building the team.

You can't have a high-powered team with low-talent people. And sometimes the weakest link in the chain sets the limit on what the group as a whole can achieve.

So keep stretching. Polish your skills and perfect your moves. Master the fundamentals of your job.

Strive for continuous improvement—the Japanese call it kaizen—so the team never stops growing. Keep getting better at your craft, and you can do more to help the team chalk up higher scores. Any time you level off in your learning, the potential of the overall group flattens out a little more. And teamwork always takes a hit whenever people start to lose their touch.

Also keep this in mind—unless you're competent, people really can't afford to count on you. You're best positioned to build a high trust level in the group when you bring talent. Individual ability.

Give teammates good reasons to believe in you. Keep getting better at what you do.


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