Your Friendship

Source Unknown



"There is something in your friendship
Very sweet for rainy days—
‘Tis your thoughtfulness in finding
What I like in little ways
And of doing one by one,
Things that others leave undone.

There is something in your friendship,
Sane and strong and glad and true,
Which makes better worth the doing
Everything I have to do,
And your friendly word and smile
Somehow helps make life worth-while.

There is something in you friendship
Very rare to find, my friend,
‘Tis unselfishness in giving
Without stint and without end;
So there is—at last I learn—
Love that asks for no return.

There is something in your friendship
That has stood through many a test,
Giving me a sense of safety,
Of security and rest—
Friend of mine, my whole life through,
I’ll be glad that I met you."


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