What Is Your Purpose?

Steve Gilbert
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If you canít immediately give a short answer to that question then you would be best served by doing some soul searching today and coming up with one.

A purpose is different from a goal.

Having a purpose is something to build our lives around. We will feel most fulfilled when our purpose influences how we live our lives and the choices that we make.

A purpose is not something that you find. It is something that you create.

I have to give an assist to former Major League shortstop John McDonald for helping create my purpose. When Johnny Mac got traded from the Diamondbacks I called to wish him well and to thank him for his time he gave me for interviews while he was in an Arizona uniform.

He surprised me with his response: "I want to thank you for always having a smile on your face and for always being upbeat. Youíre a positive influence in a negative game."

I realized right then that was what my purpose was going to be. I was going to be a positive influence in what can be a negative world. That led me eight months later to follow then-Pirates manager Clint Hurdleís example and send out a daily positive email.

I donít know where else that purpose will lead me but knowing what my purpose is gives me energy and adds passion to my life and influences everything from how I approach my job and coworkers to how I interact with people on the street.

Today, ask yourself what your purpose is. If you hesitate in answering that question or canít sum it up in a concise manner then spend some time thinking about it. Create a purpose that excites you. It will help you get through the tough times and add meaning to your life each and every day.

"Never cease chiseling your own statue."

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